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What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a water sport using a wakeboard pulled by boat or cableway. It was developed as a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The wakeboard is roughly of rectangular shape and equipped with binding. As snowboarding gained popularity alongside skiing, wakeboarding is quickly becoming popular as another water sport next to water skiing.

There are some other similar sports:

  • Wakeskating – a smaller board, the rider is not bound to the board in any way
  • Kiteboarding – water-riding on a board using a traction kite

To get a better idea see the video:

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Where to run a wakeboarding park?

Wakeboarding can be organized at any big enough water surface. Lakes, dammed reservoirs and ponds are convenient but the sport can be also done on big rivers, sea coasts or artificial reservoirs. Wakeboarding behind a boat is the most space-demanding version of the sport. More space-saving solutions are multi-tower water cableways and the least space-demanding are two-tower cableway solutions.

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Who are we, Wakemaster?

Wakemaster is a company developing and building cableways for wakeboarding, water skiing and other sports. We have been constructing the cableways for more than 7 years and we also run several of them so you can be sure that our cableways are a sound investment. Our partner company, Wakemaster International, takes care of sales and distribution of our cableways.

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What is a cableway? How long can it be?

The water cableway system is similar to cable-driven ski lifts. Our two-tower cableway has one pylon with drive motor from which there is the tow cable leading to the other pylon. Both the towers can be installed on the beach and in the water. There is another thinner cable attached to the tow cable; it has a grip at the end for the rider to hold. The cableway usually tows one rider at a time.

From our experience with cableways we know that the optimum distance between the towers is 100 - 220 m.

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What is there in the wakeboard park/area?

The area can offer one or more cableways. Each cableway has a start ramp and for more advanced riders there are various obstacles in the water not so different from the ones you know from snowparks. Further, the riders can rent their equipment in wake park rental shop (wake vests, helmets, wetsuits, wakeboards and other accessories). There is a technical area, electric cabinet and often also a snack bar or a restaurant, then showers and bathrooms. The cableway needs an electric supply with sufficient capacity. A nearby carpark is also convenient and recommended.

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Info about the cableway operation

The riders take turns in 10-15 minute intervals; there can be 4-6 riders per hour, however the rider´s experience as well as the park dimensions are important factors here. The riders can either book the cableway for a longer time (e.g. from 2 to 3 p.m.) and take turns there or each rider can book the cableway for a shorter time period. For team-building events, schools and other events it is possible to make a different schedule. We have created a booking application, through which it is easy to follow the occupancy level.

The cableways are usually run from May to September and in case of good weather even longer. They are a great option for days when swimming and sunbathing conditions are not favourable but when the water is still warm enough.

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Why to buy a Wakemaster cable way?

Wakeboarding is a quickly expanding sport; there are over 2,000 wakeparks all over the world and more are opening. It is the closest summer alternative to snowboarding, which has already reached mass popularity. Our wakeboard cableway investment return is about 3-4 years. The investment costs of a wakeboard park start at under 25 000 Eur per one complete cableway incl. installation and anchoring and the park´s profit can be increased by selling drinks and refreshment. The cableway is easy to run as well as maintain and the operation is quiet and environment-friendly. A building approval is not needed here. Wakemaster is the leading company on Czech market and as the top company we not only supply the top-quality cableways but we also help with the licensing process and offer advice how to run the park. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will be pleased to discuss any of your questions without any commitment from your side.

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How long does it take to install the cableway?

The cableway assembly can be performed within several hours however we pay a great attention to the training of the crew. We are aware that only a theoretical training is not enough; it is important to train your operators in the operational and maintenance activities as well as in safety and allow them to try everything in practice. Therefore we save one whole day to their training. The training price is included in the base price of the cableway. Before the cableway can be installed, it is necessary to prepare the cableway fixing and power supply. Usually, the longest time you need is to deal with the property owners and authorities; in ideal case the cableway can be ready to run within six months since the initial business plan.

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Is it possible to run the cableway in winter?

Yes, it is. The cableway has been approved and certified for such alternative. Due to its mobile construction, the cableway can be moved within one day, so it can be used as a tow in a snowpark.