Full-size cable

Do you have a taste for something bigger than 2.0 system cables? Are you in an area that has a great visitor potential? We will be happy to manufacture a full-size cable for you. This kind of cable consists of 4 to 6 pylons and allows simultaneous ride of up to 8 riders. Besides construction of full-size cable, we have experience with servicing existing full-size cables of other manufacturers.

A full-size cable needs more space than 2.0 systems, typically 100 x 150m or more. Some of the pylons are usually installed in water, if the shape and size of the water body doesn’t fit the shape of desired wakeboarding area.

Price of full-size cables start at 155.000 Eur, excluding VAT and park facilities. Thanks to a possibility of ride of multiple riders at once, ROI is better than at 2.0 systems. On the other side, full-size cable needs significantly more service and it takes much longer to get all permissions (building permit required).