WM02 Cableway System

Get our Two-tower cableway system from 25 500 Eur! We also offer year rental with prices starting less then 14 Eur/day! To find out more about prices of cableway and rental, click here.

Wakemaster is a two-tower cableway system for wakeboarding, water skiing, mountainboarding as well as for other sports. It is ideal both for total beginners and professional riders.

The system offers perfect conditions for beginners and their entry into the world of wakeboarding as it provides fluid take-offs and acceleration, various riding speeds and a high level of safety. The beginner is always the only rider at the cableway so unlike the multi-tower solutions, the two-pylon cableways can provide individual conditions for the riders. For advanced riders, the system offers tools to practise various tricks as well as to have unlimited fun with our features. The Wakemaster solution is also perfect for organizing competitions.

You can install Wakemaster pretty much anywhere, and with no building permit needed. Do you wish to create a snowpark in your garden or a wakepark at a pond? Wakemaster makes it possible; our cableway complies with all the regulations for both winter and summer operation.

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Essential equipment parameters

Tower height 6 m, 9 m, 12 m
Maximum rope span 230 m
Maximum carrier speed 40 km/h (adjustable)
Towing ropes tension 18 kN
Shipping dimensions ca. 3 × 1,5 × 1,5 m
Control Frequency servo-converter ABB
Engine 7,5 kW

Tower structure

The supporting elements were optimized using FEM computational analysis, with respect to modularity, maximum stiffness-to-weight ratio, and design. The result is a unique construction with internal reinforcement, which is arbitrarily extensible in different height variants.

All elements are hot dip galvanised, which predetermines them for long life and use in extreme conditions. All cableway components are provided a formidable warranty period of 3 years.

Towing system

We utilize exclusively quality towing steel ropes custom-made by a leading Czech manufacturer, at the highest strength class 1960 MPa. Ropes are rated quadruplicate safety factor, allowing us to declare service life of 8 years.

Only our cableways employ the drive and return pulleys designed as steel castings with removable inner cord. This solution allows the use of a large diameter (480 mm) rope, which is necessary for the declared service life. Its main advantage, however, are minimum service requirements. Conventional designs implement plastic pulleys that need to be replaced as a whole when worn, typically several times per season. Our solution allows easy replacement of the inner cord only, without having to dismount or loosen the ropes. The replacement procedure is realizable within 15 minutes.

Tensioning system

As the only company on the market, we offer a two-tower cableway equipped with a tensioning device with integrated load cell and shock absorber as a standard. It is thus possible to achieve a stable, high and secure towing rope tension. The high stiffness allows riding comparable to classic circuit cableways.


The cableway drive incorporates an asynchronous 7.5 kW engine and a backlash-free toothed synchronous belt transfer with a low noise emissivity. Compared to conventional gearboxes (backlash, oil fillings, wear) this solution increases the service life of the equipment and also increases environmental friendliness.

The control utilizes frequency servo-converters from the renowned Swedish manufacturer ABB with SIL3 safety level. Remote diagnostics and service facilities throughout the world are a great advantage. The cableway control is designed with a maximum degree of automation. We are the only manufacturer that uses own proprietary certified wireless technology to control the cableway. The controller itself is therefore identical to the standard version.